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Frequently Asked Questions

Recruitment FAQs

The Chapman recruitment team can assist and guide you from submitting your CV through to finding and securing your dream job in yachting!
You can submit your CV and be added to our crew database through our recruitment section of the website

As part of our database you’ll receive:

  • Job alerts about our available and relevant positions
  • Help navigating the job-hunting process from experienced former yacht crew that are familiar with the industry
  • Advice on your CV to optimise your chances of employment
  • Access to full time and temp/freelance positions onboard yachts within Australia

An AMSA Medical is also a Seafarer’s medical certificate. This has become a mandatory requirement for all crew to hold before obtaining employment aboard Australian commercial yachts. To obtain an AMSA medical, visit the nearest medical centres provided to you on the AMSA website.

This is an International Safety Standard which has been decreed by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and endorsed by the MCA and signatory countries. It’s like an Occupational Health and Safety course for anyone whose workplace is at sea.
This ensures that all maritime crew are properly trained and prepared for a range of emergencies, should they ever occur onboard.

The course consists of the following modules:

  • Sea Survival Techniques
  • Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting
  • Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities
  • Elementary First Aid
  • Security Awareness

The Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) is an organisation that sets the standard for the training, certifications and working standards for yacht crew globally.

CVs are very specific for the Superyacht industry.

  1. You’ll need a suitable photograph. A head shot wearing a polo with a plain background is ideal.
  2. You’ll need to give your contact details, current location and availability date.
  3. You’ll need to advise if you have any tattoos that will show when you are in uniform.

It is mandatory to have STCW95 Basic Safety Training and the Seafarer’s Medical certificate (ENG1) and these should be mentioned in your list of qualifications and certificates.
Your employment history is important. Show your most recent roles first: Job title, where you worked, and when you worked there. Give details about the specifics of each job.

Referees (at least three) should be current and all contact details provided: Name, Position, Yacht, Phone and Email.
Qualifications/Certification, Work History, Referee list. Some crew also add a list of interests.

We can help you take the first steps towards your new career. It’s easier than you think! Get in touch with our recruitment officer to have a chat and learn about the different paths/courses you can take to get started.

Those who have completed an occupational course have shown their dedication and professionalism by going beyond the minimum and have a lot more confidence and skills to bring to their first role.

Check out our Job board for our current available positions, or call us in the office on 1300 358 351.

Charter FAQs

No, using a charter agent will not cost you more. In fact, in some cases we are able to negotiate a better price on your behalf with the owners due to our long standing relationships.

Chapman Yachting offers charter experiences not only on Sydney Harbour but across the Eastern Coast, with some of the most popular destinations being Gold Coast, the Whitsundays, the South Pacific and Northern Territory.

This varies between vessels. Some boats have the option of BYO and/or to purchase a drinks package.

All boats will be equipped with a fridge and/or esky to keep your drinks chilled.

This varies depending on the boat. Some boats will have the option of BYO and/or to purchase a catering package.

If you want to party to your own playlist, the majority of the vessels have their own Bluetooth speakers/sound system that you can connect to. Alternatively, you’re also welcome to bring along a DJ and live music.

Of course! If the boat allows for swimming and the weather is right, then get in the water and enjoy!

This varies with the boat. With the majority of the boats being based in Sydney, most of the wharves across the harbour are available. Our most popular wharves include casino wharf, King Street wharf, Rose Bay wharf, Mosman wharf, Woolloomooloo wharf.

Please contact the team if you’d like to enquire about a particular wharf.

We recommend arriving at the wharf 15 minutes prior to your start time to allow for any delays.

During peak summer vessels will typically offer a minimum of 4 hours. However, this is flexible in the out-of-summer months, with the majority of vessels being open to 3-hour charters or transfers.

Shoe policies vary between vessels. Most of the vessels have a no-shoe policy, although some will allow shoes with white soles or boat shoes.
However, if you want something to keep your feet warm, some boats have the option of purchasing slippers.

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