In this episode, the host engages in a chat with one of the owner’s of Chapman Yachting, Debbie Leenderts. They are renowned for being the most revolutionary and customer-centric yacht hire agency Sydney has to offer. Luxury boats and super yachts serve as the vessels through which valuable relationships and personally-tailored experiences are created.

Debbie shares how Chapman coordinates the handpicked luxury charter vessels to be readily available in Australia’s most popular destinations, including Sydney Harbour, Pittwater, The Whitsundays, Great Barrier Reef, Western Australia, and the Kimberleys, to host spectacular parties, events, and holidays for a lineup of guests and customers.

This conversation provides an intimate look at ‘behind the scenes’ events in the marine industry, allowing guests and owners to enjoy their watercraft and the unique Australian waterways.

Once again, the audience is invited to enjoy this inspiring story of ‘Women in Boating’ as the host shares the endless opportunities that exist.